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Under the Ozarkian Stars

Living Large Countrystyle


New Friends

I have had several new people add me as a friend. That's great, but once in a great while after checking their profiles, I wonder if they really want ME as a friend. So far I have added back everyone who has added me, or at least everyone who has proven to be a real person. Glad to have each and every one.

I just want to warn anyone else who may want to add me.

I am a Christian, a Bible believing, Bible thumping, shouting, praying, Jesus worshiping, God obeying, Holy Ghost lead, tongue talking, FUNAMENTALIST Christian and glad of it. I believe the Scriptures are the inerrant word of the Living God and are for us today. I believe that being born again results in a HOLY life.

Know that before you add me. It you still want to do so, add away.

Since the following things are very important to me, you will find entries about them.

1. Jesus Christ--I am a Christian. Have been for since November 2, 1986. I am more than happy to stand for the truth. I do in this diary.
2. I love astronomy. Notice I didn't say astrology. Astronomy is the study of God's creation. It is science. Astrology is nonsense.
3. Classical music- I have always loved this stuff.
4. Gardening- One of my favorite ways to spend a day.
5. Southern Gospel Music. I love this. I love the music and the truth it expresses.
6. I read a great deal. I hate horror and romance novels, but I read almost everything else.
7. I live in the country and enjoy long drives down winding dirt roads.
8. I am a political junkie. I am very happy to say that I am conservative. I am involved.
9. I spend a lot of time on several forums at Delphi. Starchaser is who I am there also
10. I love to play canasta online at Yahoo games.
11. I have a huge web site that covers many of my interests. There is a very large section on astronomy and another on classical music. There are also large holiday sections.

I am a former public school teacher, so I often sound like a teacher. I still teach. I will teach here.


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